The Hemsley Gardening Franchise Opportunity

This is an illustration of the earning potential of a Hemsley Gardening franchise. It is based on our knowledge of our business, the current market and existing franchises.


As with all illustrations this is not a guarantee and you should take expert advice if you are considering entering into a franchise agreement with us.


Our Example:

One man or woman working alone, eight hours a day, five days a week. This person works for 46 weeks a year with holidays and other non-productive time accounting for the rest.


Typical minimum daily earnings = £200.00

Weekly earnings therefore (5 days at £200.00) = £1000.00


Total potential income for a year ( 46 weeks x £1000.00 a week) = £46,000.00


Our analysis shows that travel time and admin time can eat-up as much as 35% of your working day. So we factor this with a 65% utilisation rate meaning your potential yearly income is £32,000.

Hemsley Gardening provides you with tools to plan your working days effectively and minimise administration and travel time. This increases your effectiveness and increases your earnings.


Core Hemsley Gardening philosophies increase a franchisee’s daily earnings. Specialist services that complement the basic gardening services increase your hourly rate significantly. Some of our gardeners regularly earn over £300.00 a day.


So, if you increase your earnings to £250.00 per day and combine this with a 75% utilisation rate your yearly income could easily top £43,000.


This illustration is backed by our Flying Start earnings guarantee!


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