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The Market For Gardening Services

Hemsley Gardening is a provider of gardening services. The market for gardening services is very large, both geographically and financially.


The market divides between homeowners and commercial customers.


In the homeowner market garden services providers cater mainly for those who don’t have the time or the inclination to do it themselves. In addition the elderly and people with disabilities use professional gardeners to carry out tasks they can’t do themselves.


It is estimated that 30% of householders use the services of a professional gardening company. Popular services with these clients include grass cutting, hedge trimming and general garden tidying.


According to figures from Defra, 90% of UK homes have a garden and there are around 23.6 million homes in the UK.


The commercial market is broad and diverse. Commercial customers include privately owned businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and other leisure sector-related enterprises, heritage sites, botanical gardens and tourist attractions open to the public.


Local authorities often work with local suppliers to provide gardening services to the elderly.


Organisations such as schools and hospitals and housing associations hire gardeners to maintain playing fields, trim lawns and maintain shrubs and plants.


Local authorities employ freelance gardeners to look after green spaces. Regular contracts to maintain public parks and open spaces are often put out to tender on the websites of the local authorities involved.


Work available also includes grounds keeping for local authority sports facilities, including football, cricket and rugby pitches. Additionally, greenkeepers are needed to care for golf courses and bowling greens, some of which are local authority owned, although the majority are owned and operated by private clubs.

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Market Headlines:

In 2012-13, industry revenue is forecast to grow by 3.4% to £3.74 billion

There are about 23.6 million homes in the UK, of which 90% have gardens

Increased outsourcing among local authorities, businesses and households contributed to strong industry revenue growth

Residential customers make their purchasing decision based on referrals and perceived professionalism and quality of service

30 percent of householders use at least one type of lawn or landscape service